Building Brand Awareness and Revenue for Our Global Partners

Build vs Buy 40HRS IT SERVICES

40HRS IT SERVICES has created a turn key sales business process model. Most early stage companies interested in building their brand name would not invest or have the needed budgetary dollars to partner with Contact center organizations, lead generation brokers, and establish physical infrastructure and operations here in the U.S. to assist them in positioning and evangelizing its value proposition to a target industry or vertical. 40HRS IT SERVICES has developed a service that allows your organization to focus on your core competencies while we bring interested prospects to the conversation table with you.


Business Case Approach

40HRS IT Services
Current Costs $ vs $
Additional Costs
$ vs $
40HRS IT Services Value
$ vs $
Total $ vs $

Business Case Assumptions

Client maintains contracted business relationship with Contact Center provider

Has contracts with Lead Generation Brokerage firms

Program liaison(PM), dedicated resource, domain expertise, oversees day-to-day relationship with contact centers, and lead generation brokers, defines success matrix, generates detailed progress reports to management team


Build vs. Buy Comparison Scenario #1
Build Internally
Scenario #2
Buy 40HRS IT Services
Current Cost
Sr. Sales Executive (minimum cost U.S) Total cash-to-cash comparison $100,000.00 $ 72,960.00
Required Additional Cost
  Contact Center Contract (annual commitment-single agent) $ 53,760.00 $ 53,760.00
  Lead Generation Parner (annual commitment) $ 7,000.00 Included
  Project Manager (fractional resource) $ 40,000.00 Included
  40HRS IT Services one-time setup fee $ 2,500.00
Additional 40HRS IT Services Value
  Global Contact Centers - multi-language support Included
  Contracts with multiple lead generation brokerage firms Included
Total Cost to Build Internal Contact/lead Gen/PM Operation $200,760.00 $ 129,220.00
Total Savings 40HRS IT Services offering $ 71,540.00

Why 40HRS IT SERVICES Expected Conversion Rate

  • Dedicated outbound call agent
  • 1000 target leads key stakeholders in various verticals & industries
  • Agent activities expected outcomes: 5% or greater conversion rate. i.e. 1000 outbound calls translate to 50 pre-qualified “interested prospects”
  • Expected outcomes 20+- scope of work(SOW) delivered to prospect
  • Full sales cycle conversion rate 10% - 2 net new clients

"40HRS IT SERVICE's success is measured by your net new revenue growth"